Using Laser Technology

Laser Cutting;

Allows cutting of materials to a very high level of precision and edge quality.

Using CO2 lasers, metals and non-metals including ceramics, composites, plastics, rubber, and glass can be cut.

With 7-axis CNC capability,  deep-drawn and hydro-formed parts can be cut and trimmed in 3 dimensions.

Laser Drilling;

Laser drilling allows for precise positional tolerances using a 7-axis moving beam system.

Small and large holes can be drilled on formed, 3-dimensional parts, made out of a variety of high-temperature alloys.

Precision holes on jet engine components can be trepanned for specific geometry and control.

Laser Welding;

The minimal and localized heat input during laser welding reduces part distortion and makes it possible to weld intricate patterns.

Laser beam welding also provides easy access to weld complex shaped parts with formed bends and corners. Hermetic sealing of precision components can be accomplished to close tolerances.


Laser Marking;

Laser marking and etching of all kinds can be done on most kinds of materials like wood, plastics and metals.