Serving companies creating  products from Wedding Gifts to parts for the Space & Medical Industries.

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Mig Welding
Tig Welding
Stick Welding
Flux-Core Welding
Steel Assembly
Commercial Welding
Industrial Welding
Residential Welding
Steel Fabrication & Welding
Custom Welding Fabrication
Aluminum Fabrication & Welding
Stainless Fabrication & Welding
Custom Plastic Fabrication
Cast Iron Welding
Pipe Bending
Metal Sawing
Metal Forming
Metal Punching
Metal Painting
Plastic Fabrication
Solvent Welding
Reverse Engineering
Vacuum Forming
Plastic Extrusion
Metal Extrusion
Plasma Cutting
Press Brakes
CNC Punching
Robotic and Manual Welding

We can make all kinds of unique products for clients locally and nationally.

Are you looking for someone to make a prototype for a product you’re developing or do you need reverse engineering for an existing product?

Do you need a company to make a special custom made plastic, wood or metal part for a larger project.

We have worked with companies all over The Northeastern United States. From Cleveland, to Pittsburgh, to Buffalo, To Erie, Pa. They’ve supplied parts ranging from 1 pound to 5,000 pounds, from small brackets to large containers, from small mementos to parts for the space and medical industries, from one time custom projects, to production runs.

Our resources are virtually limitless and cover the full spectrum of specialties from design to the finished product.

Let our extensive background and expertise in manufacturing and engineering go to work for you.

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Parts Racks
Heat Exchangers
Fishing Rod Holders
Quality First
American Made
Cake Stands
Custom Designed Metal Products
Darth Vader
One Time Custom Projects
Close Tolerance Component Parts
Industrial Molds
Wall Panels
Custom-Made Electric Panel Boxes
Start-to-Finish Fabrication